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Daintree Love. A place to come when you need nourishment for your soul.

Radiant Women. The world needs you now more than ever.

RADIANT WOMEN. THE WORLD NEED US NOW. MORE THAN EVER. And. There has never been a more power time to embody your radiance.

Do it in your home. In your relationships. In your family life.

Do it in your body. In the daily movements. Let it flow through you in everyday tasks. Find the little or lot of radiance you can tap into right now.

I'm not talking about a one sided radiance. A belief that there can be light without dark. Or the belief that one is better than the other. Or the belief that one is right and the other is wrong.

I mean the radiance you can be and embody and shine because you are becoming aware of or have gotten to know and are accepting and noticing and loving compassionately both the light and dark, as well as the shadows with the self, within life, within experience, with the world, and within those around us.

Radiance that is embodied and enabled through getting to know and understanding and calling back home the fragmented and disowned parts of self.

Radiance that nurtures ourselves and others. It comforts. It inspires. It cultivates hope. It shines. It attracts and is magnetic.

You may find that some days you have just a little and other days you have a lot. It matters not on the scale of where you are. Simply know that it does matter. You matter. And your radiance matters.

Nurture it. Like a tender and vulnerable seedling or sapling that you know will grow into a magnificent tree with abundant fruit and foliage if you plant it in fertile soil and tend to it with tender loving care, that you water it and give it sunlight and sustance through rich compost and mulch of well digested life experiences.

Radiant women. The world needs you. So much right now.

Let your light shine. For just yourself or for those around you.

Like a single candle flame, a cosy warming fire or full force like the radiant beaming sun.

Express it through your dance, in your song, in your garden, in your home, through your caress, in your smile, through your gaze, with your words, through your pen, in your artwork, through your cooking, in your journal, in your communion with nature, in the way you brush your hair or how you dress. Through whatever your craft may be. Or perhaps your daily household chores. Or in your walk to the local store.

It matters not in which way you express or embody it.

It just matters that you do.

Our world needs radiant women now more than ever. Radiant women of every calibre. And every little or big expression of radiance adds to the whole.

I invite you to allow the radiant whispers of your radiant soul to guide you, in your way, to nurture and tend to and let shine the radiance in you.

With love, from me, to you. Kathy Popplewell

Want to connect and share in growing our radiance together?

If you are based in FNQ you may like to check out our Radiant Woman ~ Sacred Women's Circle & Dance Journey coming up in Cairns city at 10am on Saturday 17th July 2021 OR for women based anywhere in the world you may like to join my online circle by subscribing here.


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