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Introducing Laughter Conversations... Episode One.

After over a decades break from sharing Laughter Yoga whilst I've been on my FNQ remote and off grid living adventure. But now. It's 2023. And after the past couple of years of the what's been happening in the world. And. Just feeling into my own nervous system and what my body needs. I'm in the process of making a Laughter Yoga comeback!

As part of my journey back into both practicing and sharing laughter yoga I felt a good way to reconnect into the laughter yoga community is to start a new series of conversations.

So it's my intention to start with recording and then sharing with you here, one Laughter Conversation per month, with a Laughter Yoga Professional. Someone who has been both practicing laughter yoga for some time now and sharing it within the community and professionally.

So we can mutually learn from their experience and wisdom.

I hope they inspire you and help to give you practical tools and tips on how to incorporate more laughter into your life, as well as help educate you on the benefits of both incorporating more laughter into your own personal life and also of potentially sharing it with others.

Here is my first Laughter Conversation. In our first episode my special guest is Phillipa Challis.

Phillipa, also known as 'The Laughter Lady', has 22 years experience in sharing Laughter Yoga in workplaces and within the community. She is the founder of Laughter Clubs Victoria in Australia and her business, Live Life Laughing. Based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia Phillipa's laughter club has never missed a week (WOW!!!!) and as both a laughter professional and corporate presenter I am so delighted to have share our first 'Laughter Conversation' with Phillipa and gain both insight and inspiration from her wealth of knowledge, experience and joyous heart.

In this Laughter Conversation Phillipa shares with Kathy

*How laughter has been an integral and natural part of her life since childhood.

*How she has always been great at connecting to people which she feels is also because laughter has always been a part of her life.

*Phillipa moved into training and then into speaking.

*And then she got introduced to Laughter Yoga through a friend from South Australia.

*She wasn't originally intending to share Laughter Yoga and then discovered there was a really big interest in it as she had been listed as a contact person for Laughter Yoga and she got hundreds of inquiries!

*After starting her laughter club she also founded Laughter Clubs Victoria.

*She recommends doing the Laughter Yoga Leadership Training.

Are you visiting Geelong? Phillipa's Laughter Club runs EVERY SATURDAY at 9am in front of the 'wading pool' at Eastern Beach in Geelong and laughter is shared for 30 minutes. Everyone is welcome! After laughter club they go for cuppas and more laughter usually at the Yacht club.

To connect with Phillipa Challis go to Linked In (or you can see her phone number in the video with her laughter club sign in the background!)


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