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7 tips for healthy breasts and a healthy YOU!

Loving Your Breasts and keeping them healthy.

If you didn't know it already October is Breast Cancer Awareness month... It's not something I am fond of promoting as I believe where 'where attention flows, energy goes'. So by focusing of raising awareness around Breast Cancer we tend to create more cancer, fear and illness...

Have you noticed how many places in our society now bear the pink ribbon and raise awareness or money to support breast cancer? It has truly become an industry of it's own and is a mighty testament to the power of uniting towards a cause and exciting that so many organisations are willing to help out, but my question is..

Who is focusing on Breast Health?

If what we talk about, think about, read about, hear about creates our life then how come we are putting so much focus on creating awareness of Breast Cancer?

Isn't what we really want is for our women and our daughters (and our men) to be healthy, happy people with healthy bodies and breasts, and not people who live in fear that our boobs are 2 potentially ticking time bombs?

I believe it's time to shift our focus.

Remember, the body is constantly giving us feedback and there is a web of interconnectedness that creates either a stream of wellbeing or dis-ease in our lives. With the number of women who are being diagnosed with breast cancer (in Australia it's 1 in 11 women before the age of 75 and the incidence of breast cancer rise 20% between 1996 and 2006 *sourced from the Australian Breast Cancer website) I would suggest there may be some other important factors including the physical, emotional and mental impacts of our modern day culture that we need to address rather than just considering this as some random disease.

So here are 7 Tips for Healthy Breasts and a Healthy YOU!

1. Get a little sun of them. Sun is a vital nutrient, life source and is healthy... Plus it can be quite liberating to get your breast out in the open fresh air and sunshine! Avoid using sunscreen as it is full of toxic chemicals, instead use a long sleeve cotton shirt and hat or umbrella to cover up when you need to. Remember balance is the key.

2. Take your Bra Off whenever you can. If you don't have to wear one, don't. Wearing a bra can greatly impair your lymphatic flow. There has been found to be a 125 fold difference between the non bra wearing and 24hr bra wearing women in cancer rates according to whole food health evangelist Don Tolman.

3. Tell your Beautiful Breasts you Love them and acknowledge how wonderful they are. This is a powerful step as many of us have been conditioned to feel that we are not good enough or not beautiful enough by our media and marketing frenzied culture. Take this tip from Louise Hay and tell yourself 7 times every morning or night "I love and appreciate my beautiful breasts".

4. Massage and Caress your Breasts Daily. Touch is powerful and healing. When you are bathing or moisturising your body explore and massage your body and breasts with tenderness and love noticing how it feels, how it looks, the shapes, texture with interest and appreciation. Rather than trying to find something you don't want, focus on the healing touch you are giving your body to keep it healthy, happy and nurtured.

5. Balance your Giving with Receiving. Somewhere along our journey of life it seems we have been taught that it's better to give than to receive. The truth is, we can't give what we do not have and for someone to give, there must also be someone to receive. Neither is better, but together there is a balance. Notice if you tend to do one more than the other and allow yourself to be open to receive. An energetic part of developing breast cancer is constantly giving to everyone else and leaving nothing left for ones self and not allowing ones self to receiving from others.

Yes, it's important for the health of your boobs and your body to allow yourself to receive!

6. Reduce or eliminate Soy Products from your Diet. It has been majorly promoted as a health food however soy is not only one of the most highly genetically modified crops but also extremely toxic and can cause an imbalance of hormones contributing to breast cancer. To read more about the dangers of soy consumption check out Dr Mercola (just google him) he provides alot of good information to keep you educated about the effects of consuming soy (and loads more great health info too!).

7. Eat Lots of Leafy and Colourful Vegies. Organic or home grown if you can. Vegetables are some of the best whole foods you can eat and especially green leafy and vibrant coloured vegies. Either raw or lightly cooked for best results these are natures gifts and full of health promoting and healing properties, many of which science is yet to discover and that protect you from dis-ease and repair damage within the body. It's amazing what the body can do if you put the right materials into it!

Also remember to get out and do things that YOU love to do...

If we are living in relationships, environments or workplaces we feel are toxic, it's going to impact on our body... If we don't express ourselves and stuff it all down, it's going to get stuck somewhere in the body and the longer you ignore it... The more server a sign and feedback the body will give you that something has got to change.

Listen to your body, Your worth it!

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