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Why Self Care is SO Important for Women

Today I want to talk about WHY Self Care is so important for us as women. It is one of these things that I just keep on learning. And relearning. And then learning in yet another new way.

Self Care for us as women is just so gosh darn important, and although as a society we are getting better at addressing it, we still have a long way to go for most of us to get really really good at our own self care.

As women, we are amazing and natural at adapting to suit our environment and to what seems to be the most highly valued in our environment, society, community or relationship.

And we are also usually very natural nurturers by nature.

And this is awesome. It's awesome that we are natural adapters and nurturers. By instinct, this is one of our major strengths and ensures not only our own survival, but also the survival of the species.

However as our greatest strength,

it can also be our greatest weakness.

Meaning, we as women, will often overextend ourselves in our desiree to please and nurture others.

​And add to that our modern day era of women as

achievers in a society that highly values productivity.

Wow, it's a potent mix!

In our wanting of everyone else to get their needs met.

And wanting to achieve and desire to be productive.

We will often end up putting our

self care needs, last on our list.

Another outcome of this, is that we can easily feel like we loose ourselves in our environment, our career, our family, our relationships, our causes, and even in our homes.

Can you relate?

Self Care Tip

Replace the idea of being 'selfish' with the understanding that your 'Self Care' is VITAL

for your wellbeing and thus, for the wellbeing of those you love and care about.

We cannot give or be the best of ourselves

if we are an empty well.

Here are some Self Care questions you could ask yourself...

  • Do I feel full or empty?

  • What is not making my self care a priority costing me?

  • What will making my self care a priority provide for me?

  • How does (or would) practicing more self care impact my ability to create, be or do the things that are important to me?

  • How does (or would) filling myself up with self care and self love, impact the people I love and care about?

  • In what why would I be different?

  • What would I be able to do differently?

  • Would it allow me to be more effective? More happy? More positive? More resilient? More patient? More understanding? More relaxed? More calm?

  • How can I start filling myself up?

  • What self care practices could I integrate into my daily life that will be pleasurable and impactful to my sense of wellbeing?

You are important. You are valuable.

You can give more (and of better value)

when you are looking after yourself.

You are worthy. You deserve this.

It is really important for us as women to build the awareness of why self care is so important for us and to remember that it is easy for us to get lost in the doing and being there for everyone and everything else.

"Fill yourself up through your Self Care practices

so you can give from your overflow

rather than depleting yourself through your giving."

If we realise this tendency, then we can be more empowered to acknowledge when we are 'loosing ourselves' in that and take the space or action we need to once again fill our own wells and then give from our overflow instead of depleting ourselves through the giving.

Need to up your self care right now?

For some more ideas read my tips on how to do your own Self Retreat.

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