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Daintree Love. A place to come when you need nourishment for your soul.

'She is like...' A poem by Kathy.

She is like the weather.

Sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

The next moment

the wind picks up

gale force winds

blow in a thunder storm.

Lightening crashes

fire sparks

and rain pours down.

And then the storm passes.

The trees have been drenched

and there are puddles of her release

upon the ground.

It soaks in.

The grass is greener for it and the trees and flowers refreshed.

She is

sometimes gloomy

sometimes cheerful

sometimes cold

sometimes hot

sometimes just the way you like it.

She is wild like the ocean.

Sometimes smooth

and calm

and clear.

Other times

with gentle waves caressing the shore.

Sometimes rough

and choppy

and uninviting.

Perhaps even cold and freezing to the touch.

And other times her touch and caress

is soothing




And a refreshing reprive

to your body and soul.



Beconing you to enter.

Sometimes she is murky

and brown.

When everything that usually lays beneath the surface

resting right down on the ocean floor

right at the depths of her being

has been stirred up with fericous force.

Perhaps by the tides

or wild winds

or volcanos errupting

or something man made

that has been pouring

or leaking

it's toxic waste

into her vacinity.

She is pure and bright and as life giving as the sun.

With warmth that soothes

and makes your day

the most magical ever.

And nourishes you in a way

that nothing else can.

Or heat that can burn

your skin.

And light fires

in the dry debry of your life

that clears the old

and makes room for the new

fresh shoots to sprout.

She is like mother earth.

Always changing, evolving, constantly growing.

Living, dying and being reborn afresh.

She is wild.

She is woman.

She is nature.



And free.

In her purest form

she cannot be contained

she cannot be controlled

try not to judge her

just let her be

and enjoy the full magnificence

of her beauty, power and variety.

She is woman.

Let her be.

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