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Sacred Women's Circles

"Thank you soooooo much for today, I felt so safe and was so inspired and can’t wait to start to reach out and reconnect with other goddesses . Today was spectacular! You held the most nurturing and creative space and I definitely felt like I was coming home- in style! What a beautiful bunch of women I got to meet today".

Diana ~ 'Coming Home' circle and dance journey ~ June, 2021)

I have been to several of Kathy’s circles and recently joined her ‘Ancestral Woman’ event. She always chooses great themes that are so essential in the quest for wholeness and her sessions bring the personal and the universal seamlessly together. Kathy always sets up the space in a way that signals a transition away from the world outside to the realm of the sacred. My body senses it and readies itself for something special. What I most love about Kathy’s events is her presence itself. She has obviously lived through a lot, dug deep, held space for her self and genuinely reclaimed and connected with these archetypes and various states. That’s why she feels so uniquely qualified to hold space for others as she guides them into those same states and places. She leads very powerfully and each event feels like a celebration of the whole human being - for everything from the deepest pain to ecstatic joy, from dreams, to spirit animals, to our ancestral connections, to deep introspection and solidarity between us all.… Her dance journeys are my favourite part - her voice is so resonant, her words so evocative and her music perfect. The combination helps you access everything Kathy is guiding you towards - I feel able to dance into my pain, to fully inhabit various states, versions of myself, dreams, spirit animals, ancestors…there’s space for everything and then I eventually transcend myself to join the eternal. By the end, I always feel fuller, more whole and cosmically connected. I leave every circle with with a sense of support, of being backed by my whole self, by the other women I’ve moved with, by all the selves through the ages, by our ancestors. I feel welcome and celebrated.

Tess ~ 'Ancestral Woman' circle & dance journey ~ May 2021

I have been to many of Kathy’s Women’s Circles and recently joined her Ancestral Women Circle and Dance Journey. As usual, it hit a beautiful target in me. I was feeling quite separate and unsociable when I arrived after a hard week, but listening to the other women share in circle drew so much compassion from me. Like always, I felt that as different as our details might be, we are all sharing the same one path. The same aches, pains and breakthroughs of waking up to who we are and healing our wounds and those of our ancestors. The barriers of judgment and criticism, my own ancestral wounds, melted and gave way to a feeling of unconditional love and softness. During the dance journey, Kathy guided us confidently from a space of nurturing our own individual ancestral hurts to an elaborate and beautiful artwork filled with the all the colours, qualities and strengths of our lineage. Then she drew us magically into a shared space where even the shyest and private among us were joined together in a feeling of courage, joyous sisterhood and mutual support. So freeing and fortifying at the same time. Thank you Kathy. I will continue to show up wherever you are holding Women’s Circles.

Caitlin ~ 'Ancestral Woman' circle & dance journey ~ May, 2021

"It was such a gorgeous and powerful ceremony, I loved the nurturing space you created Kathy, thank you all for holding it so beautifully"

Raelene ~ September, 2017

"The Red Tent Women's Circle was unreal tonight. What a beautiful time spent with the sisterhood, listening & sharing stories, softening, melting & opening the places in us that have become hardened, tight & heavy. Releasing tension, worry & fear with sacred drumming, & meditation, singing, deep breathing, cleansing & connecting with our ancestors & spirit guides, rejuvenating the body & soul. To shed, to transform, & to heal, to nourish, & be nurtured in sacred women's space, & to dream and CONNECT deeper into ourselves as women and deeper into mother earth. Its exactly what I needed! Thank you heaps beautiful Kathy, who led us in circle, it was inspiring, healing & just awesome! Was blown away, sent shivers down my spine & covered me in goosebumps. I cant recommend Red Tent Women's Circle enough, it will touch you, help you & heal you in many ways. I certainly felt fantastic afterwards."

Cath ~ September, 2017

"I have been to 3 of Kathy's circles in the last few months, and I'm so grateful to have experienced her earthy wisdom and womanly grace. The space she holds for women is something the world truly needs! I felt so welcome, held, and allowed to be exactly as I was in the moment, which allowed a great unfolding over the following months. These retreats gently but bravely plunge you into whatever it is within that needs healing through the use of practical self-care, expressive dance, talking, and many forms of self-love. Thank you Kathy, from the bottom of my heart"

Jessy ~ August, 2017

"Kathy's circles are the most sacred safe spaces that makes you feel completely nourished and connected to the earth.  Last night I attended a women's red tent sacred safe circle and I never knew how much within those hours that my WHOLE body could react.  Rather then go into how my night was, I will explain how I feel today (the day after).  I feel free, strong, fresh, awakened and loved. I highly recommend Kathy's talents and services to anybody looking to better themselves, feel connected to people and wanting a fresh start."

Hayley ~ May, 2017

"Kathy's circles and events are amazing.. she has an incredible way of holding the space so that everyone feels really safe to go really deep. I try to go to as many of her events as possible and they have all been unique and transformational. Kathy puts on so much effort with structuring the day well, decorating the space and making it feel like temple work, rather than a class or workshop. I highly recommend"

Ella ~ May, 2017

"Thank you Kathy for a wonder-filled and deep journeying in last night’s Winter to Spring women’s circle. I loved the drumming too – it really shifted energy for me. Being a results-based healer myself, the best thing of all was waking up feeling clear and vibrant this morning. Love the way you prepare so carefully and then allow the energy to flow as it flows on the night – just Divine to be in sacred space with other women, held by you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Feeling the bliss today."

Valentina ~ September, 2016

"Hi Kathy, thank you for holding an amazing space last night, I felt totally rejuvenated, it was awesome to share with an amazing group of goddesses. Love and blessings to you."



"What an awesome night we had at the Red Tent Woman's Circle. Some of us were so regenerated we went off to dinner and talked and laughed until 3 am. Thank you Kathy for holding such a sacred space of support. Thank you to all of you wonderful goddesses for being who you are and sharing with such joy and playfulness. We must have had some dolphins with us at this Red Tent Circle I feel! Blessings to you and all may we have many more."



"Feeling completely regenerated and blessed after spending three hours with a circle of goddesses embracing the feminine, letting go, setting intentions and sharing love with open hearts. Thankyou Kathy! Mwah."



"Thank you Kathy Popplewell and all the amazing beautiful goddesses tonight. It was a thoroughly nourishing and liberating time together. Goodbye 2013 and we take forward all the lessons learnt and intend for each of us evolvement and wholeness and greatness for 2014! Much love all, hope to see you again."

Sarah ~ January 2014


"Thank you Kathy and all the beautiful women who attended feeling very blessed to have been there."



"Truly wonderful! To share and feel so totally at home with all these amazing women was so terrific! All women should experience The Rent Tent."



"It was so great hey! Only women would truly understand. So good to share our stories. Going to next one for sure. Women need to have these everywhere in the world so that they can learn, acknowledge, sympathise, love and be in a circle of friends, relatives and friends of friends. I enjoyed the circle of enlightenment."



"Tonight I shared in a very special gathering of some beautiful women, including some from my family. It was The Red Tent evening just for women. I call it "Secret Women's Business". Totally inspiring, healing, nurturing and cleansing in a safe warm space with some amazing women. Thank you again Kathy Popplewell. I left feeling so calm and centred and re- energised."



"Thanks for all the connection, love and sharing and holding space for women to be open, vulnerable and most of all laugh, cry and heal. Namasyr."

Lesley Beltran


"It was beautiful to connect with so many amazing, wise and beautiful women last night. Thank you Kathy." 


Keep scrolling down to read what women have said about our sacred woman time retreat days and guided dance journeys with Kathy...

Sacred Women's Circles

Sacred Circles

New Years Circle

New Year Sacred Red Tent Women's Circle. Central Coast. NSW.

Ritual and Ceremony

Rites of Passage sacred women's circle. Central Coast, NSW

Red Tent Sisters

Connection, support, magic and medicine woman sisters in the Red Tent!

Women on country

Sacred Circle on Country. Central Coast NSW.

Womb Stories.

Womb Stories in the Red Tent. Central Coast NSW.

Woman Dreaming.

Woman Dreaming Woman Healing. Central Coast NSW.

Laughter for Healing

Sacred Circle and Red Tent of Joy! Central Coast NSW.

Red Tent of Sound.

Red Tent Sacred Sound Journey. Central Coast NSW.

Triple Goddess.

Medicine Women at sacred women's circle on country. Central Coast, NSW.

The power of circle

Sacred Circle of Womanhood in the Red Tent. Central Coast NSW.

Winter Circle

Sacred Women's Circle on Country. Central Coast NSW.

Women's Retreat Day

Women's Retreat Day. Central Coast, NSW.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.41.53 pm
Women's Retreat Day

Women's Retreat Day. Central Coast NSW.

Retreat Day Laughter

Laughter Yoga in the retreat day.

Summer Women's Retreat Day

Summer Women's Retreat Day. Central Coast, NSW.


Dance in the retreat day.

Winter Women's Retreat.

Winter Women's Retreat Day. Central Coast, NSW.

Creative Drawing.

Creative Drawing in the retreat day.

Women's Retreat Day

Women's Retreat Day. Central Coast NSW.

Talking Circle.

Talking circle in retreat day.

Retreat Day Gratitude

Retreat Day gratitude, love and blowing kisses.

Restorative Yoga.

Restorative Yoga in retreat day.

Lunch Time.

Yummy healthy vegetarian lunch on your retreat day.

Women's Retreat Day


Women's Retreat Days

"I have just come out of a divine day retreat with the incredible Kathy Popplewell, what an absolute gift, I feel nourished, centered and blissful.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!"

Tegan Rein. Life Coach. 2017.

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Kathy's Sacred Woman's Circles last month which was a beautiful experience! Having not been overly experienced in such groups, it was a pleasant surprise to feel welcomed, safe to be and express myself. As a result, I had personal revelations and insights from the group practices. 
I highly recommend giving one of Kathy's Day retreats a go if you are seeking a deeper connection to self and of course connect with other sisters. Thank you for holding such space for the sisterhood Kathy."

Courtney Lee. Transformation Coach and Light Worker. 2017.

“Kathy, entering into the space today had me surrendering and being open to your guidance. I found the practice of dance such a wonderful expression for me, I love to move, and the gentle words you embalmed us with, gave us cues to reach deeper into ourselves. I felt freed of all inhibitions, safe and loved.

Tears came freely and without judgment. I felt like I was acknowledging all these deeper hues of myself that so often get suppressed through day to day life.My aim for coming here today was to find peace and wholeness within and I most definitely did become that by the end.

The food you provided was both delicious and nourishing, just like the the space you hold. Your voice is that of an ancient, American Indian woman, with many stories to tell and much wisdom to give. Your sound reverberated across the room, up into my body and will no doubt ripple into my life.

Ever so grateful for this opportunity. I truly believe it is a missing component in our society, that more women should experience the accepting of their whole selves and for others to bare witness to this unfolding. Magic.” Jolene. Mumma of four. 2016.

"Kathy’s day retreat was so healing and nurturing and fun. I received many realisations and messages, and felt so safe and supported by the other women there. Kathy is an amazing facilitator, finding such a nice balance between guidance and organic unfolding of the magic she weaves. If you feel like you need to shift something in your life, like you need to be truly heard or just like being amongst a group of beautiful women and expressing and honoring your feminine nature, then please join one of her events."

Ella Shannon Rusch. Relationship Counsellor and Yoga Teacher. 2016.

"Cairns women, do yourself a favour and make some time to nourish yourself! I've been to one of Kathy's sacred circles and her women's retreat day and have benefited so much from each. Go on, nourish your soul, you know you want to!"

Nachelle. Mumma of three. 2016.



Wild women dancing

Kali Dance Guided Dance Journey. Central Coast, NSW.

Kali Dance Cairns

Kali Dance Wild Woman Dance Journey. Cairns QLD.

Aphrodite Dance

Aphrodite Dance Journey. Central Coast NSW.

Cairns Dance Tribe

Deeper into Love Dance Journey. Cairns QLD.

Tribal Fire at Evolve

Tribal Fire Dance Journey. Evolve Yoga & Wellbeing Festival. Melbourne. VIC.

Goddess Women.

Aphrodite Dance. Central Coast NSW.


Guided Dance Journeys​

When I arrive at Kathy's dance journeys and women's circles, I immediately feel that I'm entering a sacred space and am ready for transformation. I feel allowed to deepen, to open, to share and to reveal. To myself and others.  Kathy brings an awesome mix of her gifts and experience to the events...her fitness and dance background make her a compelling guide through the dance journeys, her connection to her own intuitive wild woman brings beautiful drumming and singing to the meditations, and her deep desire to be real and open with herself and others makes her sharing circles feel safe and potent. I've discovered that my experience deepens the more I go to her events. And the results keep unfolding for days, sometimes weeks after. Kathy has really helped me to learn the power and nourishment of women coming together, sharing time, sharing their inner worlds, and transforming through dance. Highly recommended! 

Caitlin White. Drama & Theatre Teacher.

“FABULOUS Full Moon Dance Journey tonight with 18 other beautiful sisters and awesome music. Huge thank you Kathy Popplewell. Love you, love your work! Am feeling beautiful, alive to myself, cleansed and open.” Caroline Cumming. Author & Coach.

“Wow. What an awesome night of dance with Kathy Popplewell. Totally inspiring and rejuvenating. A night spent with some beautiful woman in a space full of warmth and Goddess energy. What an amazing evening! I loved it! Am still feeling it's positive vibe.”

Angela Hyde. Mother & Body Shop Distributor.

“Expressing my heartfelt thanks to Kathy Popplewell for facilitating such an awesome evening of personal growth, dancing and fun! Feeling invincible today!

Sending love to all the beautiful women I connected with last night.”

Valentina Mathias. Healer.

“Thank you so much Kathy Popplewell. Just LOVED the whole experience. Uplifted, centred, enlivened, entertained, connected! I felt like an angel.”  

Sarah Williams. Mother and Coach. 

“Kathy, last night was so beautiful and fun and powerful. Love your gorgeous work and the way you bring women together in such a nourishing and nurturing way. Thank you!”

Sarah Tolmie. Marriage Celebrant. 

“Feeling ExtraOrdinary LOVE connection after dancing last night ! Thank you to all the goddess sisters that shared their energy and love last night with a very AweSome facilitator Kathy Popplewell. She is so inspiring to the organic feminine ways of empowerment!”

Debra Lansdowne. Charka Dance Facilitator.

“Wow! What a great night, connecting with female power and so much fun! Thank you Kathy, you rock!”

Karen Howard. Mother.

“Kathy Popplewell, you are truly amazing at what you do! I've never met anyone like you and wish you lived down here! Maybe one day we can all travel to the Daintree and have these experiences up there.”

Shell Cook. Full time mother.



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