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Woman Time Conversation with Jacque Blauw

Woman Time Conversations with Kathy Popplewell ~ Episode Two with Jacque Blauw ~ A journey of Unbecoming.

In this woman time conversation I'd like to introduce you to Jacque Blauw. Jacque is currently living on the gorgeous island of Tasmania. She is currently creating a life of unbecoming and settling into a new way of being.

Having survived a major, life-threatening car accident a couple of years ago, and subsequent long rehabilitation since then, she has learnt about what is truly important to her and how she wishes to live that forwards.

In her professional life she has been a Registered Nurse and Midwife for 27+ years, working in fast paced large tertiary Hospitals throughout Queensland and now Tasmania. She has created award winning services and commenced new roles during that time, honing my skills, knowledge and passion in caring for the sick, dying and vulnerable.

She is presently navigating studies for the future of a new career in Counselling and Psychotherapy as since her accident, she no longer has the stamina for shift work and the long heavy hours that a hospital career requires.

During her rehabilitation, she has learned to truly slow down due to necessity and in the process – re-examine every inch of her life and allow new dreams and ways of being to emerge… She has learned to embrace new concepts such as hygge, minimalism, slow living, tiny living and (for her) volunteering in her local community learning all about Placemaking, the Living Library, Boomerang bags and Connected Women Tasmania.

I hope you enjoy our woman time conversation.


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