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Radiant Woman ~ circle, dance and sound journey for Women.


Is it time to nurture your radiance as a woman? As women we naturally and instinctually give so much to everything and everyone else that we can easily become depleted and thus loose our shine as our energy tanks start running on empty.


This Saturday morning women’s circle, dance and sound journey with Kathy will be a sacred space to help you replenish your feminine energy, inspire you through embodied expression and support you in nurturing your inner and outer radiance as woman.

​Join us for an expressive, connecting and joyous morning of woman time. Of nurturing and exploring your inner and outer radiance as a woman and what it is and how it feels to let your light shine.


During this morning of exploration, expression, connection and embodiment some of what you will experience is talking and listening circle, laughter, breath work, a guided dance journey, and wild woman healing sound journey to integrate with Medicine Drum and voice. Within a safe, supported and sacred circle of women.

Come to.....​

  • Take time out for yourself.

  • Try something new.

  • Connect to your radiance and joy.

  • Open your heart space and energy channels through uplifting and expanding creative expression, movement and breath.

  • Explore yourself as a woman and what being radiant looks and feels like to YOU.

  • Calm and reset your nervous system.

  • Immerse yourself in a morning of positive energy and feelings.

  • Spend a morning in a place radiance and joy is welcome and celebrated and you are encouraged to explore it at your own pace.

  • Connect to, release and shift  emotions that are being stored in the body in a joyous, freeing, nurturing, expressive and non harmful way.

  • Honour and allow whatever phase of the journey of womanhood that you are on, and where you are at, right now.

  • Be seen, heard and felt.

  • To see, hear and feel the other women and connect to their stories   through the sharing of other women in the circle.

  • Open up more and more to your inner and outer radiance allowing more life force to flow through you.

*   *   *


Open to women of all ages and stages of life 18 years and over.


Space for up to 12 women to attend.


*Currently 10 spaces available {availability updated with every booking}.

Saturday 17th July 2021.

*Doors open at 9.45am.

Please ensure you are on time as doors will lock at 10.00am. 

Dragonfly Zen,
Level 1, 142-144 Grafton Street
Cairns, QLD, Australia.

Bottle of water and towel.





Please wear clothes you can comfortably dance, sit and lay on the floor in. 



New women: Early bird $50 until midnight Wednesday 14th July or $60 thereafter if spaces still available.

Returning women:  Early bird $40 until midnight Wednesday 14th July or
 $60 thereafter if spaces still available.

*RETURNING WOMEN PRICE* is available to any women who have previously attended any womens circles, retreats, trainings or dance journeys with Kathy Popplewell.

As there is a limited number of spaces available payment required to secure your place.



Cancellations Policy


Cancellations within 48 hours of the event are non-refundable.


Kathy 0457 154 457. 

"Thank you soooooo much for today, I felt so safe and was so inspired and can’t wait to start to reach out and reconnect with other goddesses . Today was spectacular! You held the most nurturing and creative space and I definitely felt like I was coming home- in style! What a beautiful bunch of women I got to meet today".
Diana ~ 'Coming Home' circle and dance journey ~ June, 2021)


"I have been to several of Kathy’s circles and recently joined her ‘Ancestral Woman’ event. She always chooses great themes that are so essential in the quest for wholeness and her sessions bring the personal and the universal seamlessly together. Kathy always sets up the space in a way that signals a transition away from the world outside to the realm of the sacred. My body senses it and readies itself for something special. What I most love about Kathy’s events is her presence itself. She has obviously lived through a lot, dug deep, held space for her self and genuinely reclaimed and connected with these archetypes and various states. That’s why she feels so uniquely qualified to hold space for others as she guides them into those same states and places. She leads very powerfully and each event feels like a celebration of the whole human being - for everything from the deepest pain to ecstatic joy, from dreams, to spirit animals, to our ancestral connections, to deep introspection and solidarity between us all.… Her dance journeys are my favourite part - her voice is so resonant, her words so evocative and her music perfect. The combination helps you access everything Kathy is guiding you towards - I feel able to dance into my pain, to fully inhabit various states, versions of myself, dreams, spirit animals, ancestors…there’s space for everything and then I eventually transcend myself to join the eternal. By the end, I always feel fuller, more whole and cosmically connected. I leave every circle with with a sense of support, of being backed by my whole self, by the other women I’ve moved with, by all the selves through the ages, by our ancestors. I feel welcome and celebrated."
Tess ~ 'Ancestral Woman' circle & dance journey ~ May 2021


"I have been to many of Kathy’s Women’s Circles and recently joined her Ancestral Women Circle and Dance Journey. As usual, it hit a beautiful target in me. I was feeling quite separate and unsociable when I arrived after a hard week, but listening to the other women share in circle drew so much compassion from me. Like always, I felt that as different as our details might be, we are all sharing the same one path. The same aches, pains and breakthroughs of waking up to who we are and healing our wounds and those of our ancestors. The barriers of judgment and criticism, my own ancestral wounds, melted and gave way to a feeling of unconditional love and softness. During the dance journey, Kathy guided us confidently from a space of nurturing our own individual ancestral hurts to an elaborate and beautiful artwork filled with the all the colours, qualities and strengths of our lineage. Then she drew us magically into a shared space where even the shyest and private among us were joined together in a feeling of courage, joyous sisterhood and mutual support. So freeing and fortifying at the same time. Thank you Kathy. I will continue to show up wherever you are holding Women’s Circles."
Caitlin ~ 'Ancestral Woman' circle & dance journey ~ May, 2021

Read more testimonials and see photos of circles with Kathy here.

About Kathy Popplewell
Kathy Popplewell is an experienced mind-body & fitness professional with over 15 years experience in the mind-body and fitness industries and in facilitating sacred women's spaces, circles and dance journeys. She is a qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher. She has also lived on country in the furthest remote reaches of the Daintree Rainforest.

Throughout her career as well as teaching her popular yoga classes at multiple Fitness First health and fitness clubs in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and CBD and Elixr mindbody health centre in Bondi Junction, she has regularly presented to fellow industry professionals at Filex, Australia's cutting edge International Fitness Convention, been a popular presenter at Being Woman Festival, Evolve Yoga and Wellbeing Festival and Peats Ridge Festival; toured the east coast of Australia with her Vibrance Laughter Tours and run her 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leadership Trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Port Macquarie, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In 2010 & 2011 Kathy ran her Celebrating Womanhood Conference in the Gold Coast, Australia and in 2011 she also ran her Laughter, Health & Loving Life Conference.

Kathy has also been hired as a professional speaker by corporations including ADSSI, The Benevolent Society, Carers NSW, Crunch Female Fitness, Families NSW, Homecare, Housing NSW, Mission Australia and New Horizons to present on Laughter, Relaxation and Workplace Wellbeing for staff members.

Her articles on health and fitness have also been published in Fitness First Magazine and in the Australian Fitness Network's industry publication, Network Magazine.

Originally from the Central Coast NSW, Kathy made her way up to far north in 2012 on her 'loving life' tour around Australia however she never made it past the Daintree Rainforest where she fell in love with the land and rainforest. Going against all her logical insticts and following her soul guidance she came to live on a remote and isolated off grid property on the never never furthest reaches of the Daintree Rainforest which is only accessable by 4wd where she has had an extended vision n soul quest which lasted several years (in between visits back to her original hometown on the Central Coast of NSW visiting friends and rounds of caring for her parents), living back to basics and connecting with her inner medicine woman on the land, on country and in the jungles of the rainforest.

And now her latest new journey is all that comes with becoming a mother to her daughter, Lilly Star, who is now 2 years old.

Kathy currently shares her wild woman dreaming medicine woman offerings via a monthly circle and dance journey for women in Cairns, QLD. Every event explores a different theme as we journey through the many different aspects, feeling states and parts of being women.


Kathy Popplewell. Wild Woman Dreaming Me

New Woman Early Bird $50
'Radiant Woman'
17th July 2021. Cairns.

Kathy Popplewell. Wild Woman Dreaming Me

Returning Woman Early Bird $40
'Radiant Woman'
17th July 2021. Cairns.

Am I eligible for the

Returning Woman Price?


This special price is available to any women who have previously attended any women's circles, retreats, dance journeys or trainings with Kathy Popplewell previously in encouragement and gratitude for your continued investment and nurturing into your journey as a woman.

If it's your first time to join one of Kathy's events the New Woman price is for you. And then the next time you come you will be eligible to attend at the Returning Woman Price.


As there is a limited number of spaces available payment required to secure your place.