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Nourished & Nurtured
Self Care Sacred Women's Circles with Kathy Popplewell
Sacred Women's Circles
wild & deep
Wild Woman Dreaming
One-on-One private sessions
Compassionate & Healing
Sacred Grief Circles & Ceremony

expressed & released
Dance Journeys & Dance Tribe with Kathy Popplewell
Guided Dance Journey's
renewed & revitalised
Self Care & Soul Nourishment for Women Retreat Days with Kathy Popplewell
One Day Woman Time​​
Retreat Days & Healing Days.
embodied & empowered
Women's Circle Leadership Training with Kathy Popplewell - Cairns
Women's Sacred Circle Leadership Trainings.

joyful & playful

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Laughter Yoga for Wellbeing & Laughter Yoga Leadership Trainings.

radiant & shining

Kathy Popplewell 2022
Monat Hair & Skin Care
Market Partner & Consultant.
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