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Self Care and Soul Nourishment for Women. Guided Dance Journey's. Retreats in the Daintree Rainforest.

Work with me. What calls to your feminine body and soul?

Nourished & Nurtured
Self Care Sacred Women's Circles with Kathy Popplewell
Sacred Women's Circles
wild & deep
Wild Woman Dreaming
One-on-One private sessions
Compassionate & Healing
Sacred Grief Circles & Ceremony

expressed & released
Dance Journeys & Dance Tribe with Kathy Popplewell
Guided Dance Journey's
renewed & revitalised
Self Care & Soul Nourishment for Women Retreat Days with Kathy Popplewell
One Day Woman Time​​
Retreat Days & Healing Days.
embodied & empowered
Women's Sacred Circle Leadership Trainings & One Year Apprenticeships with Kathy.


For the woman who wants to shine her light in her community, contribute to the world and share her own sacred women's circles.

And to be supported in doing so.


This immersion package is only available to a small number of women each year as these women will be nurtured personally by Kathy through their journey of growth both in their own journey of womanhood and in the journey as a women's circle facilitator.

Yes there is a time, energy and financial commitment to participate in these immersions with Kathy. We aim to set our prices at a figure that we feel still makes it accessible to those whom may be drawn to attend but also honours the large amount of time, money and energy that has been invested over the past decade and a half to be able to be in a position to now offer this mentoring, training and apprenticeships to you. As well as the time, energy, support and money that we sow into you if you are accepted into the program.

We feel what we are offering is worth much more dollar wise. But are super passionate about sharing what we do, and supporting other passionate women in their journeys and ability to provide this space for other women, so are super happy with our pricing point at present. 

To check out the Level One Training see here.

Or to inquire about the one year women's apprenticeship package please contact Kathy to schedule a face to face or over the phone chat to find out more and see if we are a fit and find out if this is suitable to your time, energy and financial budget at the moment or for some time in the future. 

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