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Sacred Women's Circle Leadership Training (Level One)

Sacred Woman Time Empowerment and Mentoring with Kathy Popplewell.

Starts 8th January 2024.

As well as supporting you in creating and sharing your own women’s sacred circles this training which will run online over six weeks will also be an empowering self discovery time which will give you the opportunity to be inspired, build confidence and be nourished in yourself as a woman and by women.

First group call 10am Monday 8th.

What's included?

  • Your program will be delivered in 6, weekly instalments. Created in bite size pieces. The training videos will be pre-recorded so you can watch them and complete the activities at the times through the week that best suit you. You can watch them as many times as you like and need and go back to any at any time that you want to watch again. 

  • Each week you will receive a new 20-30 minute guided meditation connected to working on that weeks theme. Created and recorded by Kathy.​

  • Your Sacred Women's Circle Leadership Training (level one) downloadable and printable  workbook (which you can choose to access in weekly chapters OR in the complete form/whole workbook).

  • Access to 4 OPTIONAL group zoom calls during the course (an opening circle, 2 check in circles and a closing circle).

  • You will have access to a facebook chat group of participants doing the course.

Course Outline
Week One: Why.
  • A deep dive into your WHY.

  • Why women's circles.

  • Women's circle benefits.

  • The differences between men and women.

  • Why we need circles now more than ever.

  • The world needs YOU.

Week Two: You, who and women's wisdom.
  • Your gifts, talents experiences.

  • Who you are calling in (who do you want to attend your circles).

  • Why you don't need to know 'it all' and creating a space for shared women's wisdom.

  • Honesty, authenticity and humility.

  • Sharing space vs holding space.


Week Three: Circle Structure.
  • Choosing a space/venue.

  • How an environment impacts women.
  • Circle structure.
  • Creating your circle plans.


Week Four: Magnitising your tribe.
  • Marketing (on social media and/or without social media).

  • Fair exchange and pricing.

  • Building your community and connection.

Week Five: Sustainability.

  • Overcome and work through blockages your may have around hosting, facilitating and gathering women.

  • Building confidence.

  • Sustainability in facilitating and hosting circles

Week Six: Getting started.

  • Revision of what we've covered.

  • Q & A.

  • Implementing your plan and moving forward.

Throughout the six week course together you will receive a weekly guided meditation and journeys to help you to dissolve blockages and to access your soul source reasons of why your spirit is calling you to share sacred women’s circles, the gifts you have and to integrate this with your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

There will also be recommended activities to help and nurture your dream and vision and help you gain the confidence to follow through on your 


This will benefit you not only in the immersion training phase but also empower you with the tools to connect back into your spirit guidance in your daily life, journey as woman and as a sacred women’s circle leader.


None. However, a love of or yearning to connect with women and a calling to share circle is encouraged.


Standard Registration AU$555 thereafter.

Booking and Payment

To book your place complete payment either full via PayPal  (to account

OR  VIA DIRECT DEPOSIT make payment to....

Account Name: Katherine Popplewell

BSB: 484 799

Account Number: 6068 70600

Please use your name as the description and email or text me on 0457 154 457 to let me know you have made payment once transfer is complete.


Contact Kathy on 0457 154 457 or email Kathy here


*Also if you have any trouble reserving your place via these PayPal buttons on this page contact Kathy directly to request bank details to make a direct deposit payment or I can send you a direct PayPal payment request.


Your Trainer

This training is created, designed and facilitated by Kathy Popplewell who will be drawing on her personal and professional experience of leading and sharing women’s gatherings, events and circles (amongst other things) for almost two decades. 


Read Kathy’s full bio or see testimonials and photos from circles with Kathy to feel into her vibe more and if it's a fit for you.


Please check your email used on your PayPal account for your confirmation email and correspondence.

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AU$555 for the full course

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