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Women's Sacred Circle Leadership Training (Level One)

Sacred Woman Time Empowerment and Mentoring with Kathy Popplewell.

Weekend Intensive 12th & 13th October 2024. Cairns, QLD, Australia.

Training Outline

As well as supporting you in creating and sharing your own women’s sacred circles this training which will run over two consecutive weekends (four half days in total plus some activities to do during the week in between the face to face training), will also be a rejuvenating self discovery time which will give you the opportunity to be inspired, build confidence and be nourished in yourself as a woman and by women.

During your Women’s Sacred Circle Leadership Training we will help you to delve deep into exploring (to empower you with) your
  • WHY you want to share women’s circles.

  • WHO you want to share circle with.

  • WHAT are your special gifts, experiences, talents and skills that you will draw on and incorporate into your circles (what you already have in your personal and professional tool kit).

  • HOW to start.


The training will cover
  • Circle Basics.

  • Choosing a space/venue.

  • How to set up the space physically and energetically and any special considerations (ie: participant mobility, age range, nationality etc).

  • Adapting to group size.

  • Creating a safe and sacred space.

  • Intuitive flow and timing.

  • Sacred sharing. Sacred listening.

  • Holding space vs sharing & creating the space.

  • Women’s circle benefits. 

  • What modern day problems circle helps to relieve and transform.

  • WHY we need safe space, connection and expression as women.

  • Shared wisdom and why YOU don’t need to know it all.

  • Why I recommend still sharing circle (if you can) when times are tough and you are going through life challenges.

  • Marketing and getting the word out about your circles.

  • Understanding sacred pricing, fair exchange and the essentials to avoiding burn out.

  • Your personal practice.


You will also be supported during the training to
  • Design and create your first 6 circle lesson plans.

  • Develop and action plan and get started.

  • Overcome and work through blockages your may have around hosting, facilitating and gathering women.


Throughout our training immersion together we will be doing guided integration practices, meditations and journeys to help you to dissolve blockages and to access your soul source reasons of why your spirit is calling you to share sacred women’s circles, the gifts you have and to integrate this with your physical, mental and emotion whys.


This will benefit you not only in the immersion training phase but also empower you with the tools to connect back into your spirit guidance in your daily life, journey as woman and as a women’s sacred circle leader.

Unique Small Group Trainings

These are small group trainings limited to a maximum number of 10 women per event to allow for maximum immersion, connection, personalisation and sharing.


What's included?

  • Two full day trainings with Kathy Popplewell (9am-5pm & 9am - 4pm)

  • Morning tea, healthy snacks and healthy high vibration lunch each day.

  • Your Women's Sacred Circle Leadership Training Manual & Workbook.

  • One x 60 minute follow up one-to-one mentoring call with Kathy.

  • One x follow up group call/circle on zoom.




However, it is recommenced to have attended at least one women's circle with Kathy Popplewell, if possible, prior to attending this training.


Or alternatively to have attended some type of women's circle as a participant.


Or perhaps you already run your own. 

If there is nothing on offer in your area and you have not experienced circle before that is fine too as we will be sitting in circle throughout the entire training.


Early Bird Woman $555 ~ Booked and fully paid by 1st September 2024.

Butterfly Woman $595 ~ Bookings fully paid between 2nd Sept- 1st October.

Owl Woman $695 ~ Bookings fully paid October 2nd-10th.

Refresher price ~ $295 ~ available to women who have previously attended this training or completed the online version of this training with Kathy Popplewell.

Payment plans available. 

Apply to attend or inquire about the program

Contact Kathy on 0457 154 457 or email your application or inquiry to Kathy here


Your Trainer

This training is created, designed and facilitated by Kathy Popplewell who will be drawing on her personal and professional experience of leading and sharing women’s circles (amongst other things) for over a decade. 


Read Kathy’s full bio here.


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