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Daintree Love. A place to come when you need nourishment for your soul.

Coming home in the wild of the Rainforest.

It's taken some time to transition, to soften, to feel comfortable and confident in my new environment. I lived so many of my years, right from the time of my birth right next to the ocean, on beautiful beaches and bushy landscape of our Australian east coast and my hometown of the Central Coast. Where I spent hours upon hours playing, exploring, walking, dancing on the beaches and laying in the sunshine and the salty air. Swimming in the ocean. Exploring the rock pools and jumping from rock to rock. Feeling the sand between my toes. In the openness of it all. And then I came here.

And I loved the rainforest from the moment I drove into it. Actually probably even before that. I remember back in primary school seeing pictures of the Daintree Rainforest and from then I dreamed of visiting it some day. I had no idea back then that I would live here. And as beautiful as it is and as much as I adored this place from the moment I got here, it's been a big change. An adjustment. The environment is much different from that which I knew. I felt so clumsy and clunky, awkward and even a little bit (or sometimes a lot) scared when I first got here. We live in the wilderness here.

The rainforest, she demands full presence like no other place I have been.

You must be present in the moment as you walk her lands and her creeks. The terrain is so different from where I am from. She is deep green, and wild, and free, and growing, and rugged. Her roots spread wildly and vastly and deep and wide, curling and weaving in multiple directions at once. Her pebbles and stones and rocks in the creeks are slippery, and beautiful and seemingly alive. As they move with their own life force. Her canopy of wild green hair composes of ferns and vines and palms and trees.... Some of which are smooth and soft, others viciously prickly, thorny and spiked which threaten to wake you up with force if you once again forget to be present with her as you wander through her luscious mass of ever changing and growing life.

It's two years now since I first since I first ventured up into this wild and hidden and tucked away region of the rainforest... Where we live... Right up on the farest away edge of the Daintree Rainforest, inland and over the mountain from Cape Tribulation and halfway along an adventuours 4wd track of untouched country. Much of which has probably never been explored... Well, not by many people anyway.

And I'm much more comfortable in the landscape now. I can walk more easily (although still slowly) through her slippery mountain creeks and her rugged and green terrain without falling over and feeling like a total clutze!

And she soothes me with her healing life and calls me to dance in her streams and on her rocks and roots and fallen trees.

I used to dance on the oceans edge, and the coast was where I called home.

Now it's under the rainforest canopy in mother natures womb where my dance unfolds, and the rainforest is where I call home.

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