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Daintree Love. A place to come when you need nourishment for your soul.

Be patient with YOU and enjoy the journey.

I had big plans these last two weeks. Yes I did. Ahhh, but alas.

Twas not to be.

Things came up you know. Unplanned interruptions that could not be avoided. And I felt frustrated at first because I was soooooo excited to do the things I had planned....

To record and release our first episode in our new Daintree Love TV video series. To do my practice. To build new garden beds. To write and send our first love letters to you whom are in our new circle of women in our growing Daintree Love tribe....

Anyways once again I got this lesson. And I know it will all be ok.

There will be interruptions along the way and in this journey of life.

Unexpected visitors. Challenges to overcome. Excitement and delights to enjoy. Chores to get done. Things will pop up that interrupt your action plan and to do list.

At times things will not happen at the speed in which you imagined.

Many times things may take much longer than you first envisaged.

Some things may move slower.

Some things may happen quicker.

It is all ok.

Sometimes when it appears to us that we are actually moving slowly, or that we have been delayed, or that this unexpected challenge or distraction from our plan is inconvenient, in the grand universal plan things are actually lining things up to help us reach our truest goals and desires more rapidly than if we don't have what seems to be an interruption right now.

But perhaps we just can't see it at that moment.

It requires us stepping back and taking in more of the landscape. It requires being able to see a bigger picture.

It's ok if you don't or can't see how it's all going to work out right now.

The rainforest mountain stream cannot see what is coming just around the bend.

Yet she weaves her feminine watery way through the hills and the rainforest in the path of least resistance. Around bend after bend. Journeying all the way. Sometimes flowing and gushing. Sometimes still and slowly and gently. Sometimes she may even stagnate for a while.

She has no time frame.

She knows she will get there. To wherever she is going. She enjoys the magical journey in it's diversity. All she needs to do is be in the moment.

She knows it will all be ok. Better than ok.

Be patient with you and enjoy the journey.

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