Kathy Popplewell, Wild Woman Dreaming Medicine Woman

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The Invitation

Come to be seen, be heard and be felt.
Come to see, hear and feel.
Come to allow and acknowledge all of yourself and your experiences.
Come to release and let go through movement, breath and sound.
Come to write, to dance, to breath deeply, to shed, to let go, to embody, to transform, to honor, to acknowledge, to renew.

Come to a space where your wholeness and brokenness and diversity and wildness and uniqueness and everything in between all shades of light and dark and shadow as a woman are welcome and can be celebrated.

Come to acknowledge and allow and honour wherever in your stage of life and womanhood you as right now.

Come to connect in sacred space with other women.  I look forward to sharing in sacred space with you soon sisters who feel the call to come.

With love from me to you,

Kathy Popplewell

Next Sacred Women's event with Kathy:

'The Dreaming'

Sept ~ Oct 2021 woman time theme

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Wild Woman Fire Dreaming

WHAT'S happening in my world.

Face to Face EVENTS are on hold for now whilst I am out spending time off grid and on the land with my wee one.  

After a fabulous year based in Cairns we are now in the chapter between chapters spending time off grid again, connecting with the land, Mother Earth wisdom, going back to basics, connecting to ancestral wisdom and messages, camping and earthing after our year in the city.

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Meet Kathy....

Meet Kathy Popplewell