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Women's Retreat Day ~ Reclaim and Rebirth ~ Cairns with Kathy Popplewell.


Are you a big hearted and deep feeling woman who is constantly taking care of everyone and everything else and finding it difficult to find the time and space to fill up your own energy tank?

Join us for a Women's Retreat Day of RECLAIMING and REBIRTHING your body, heart, mind, spirit and soul as a woman.

Come to be Nurtured. Allowed. Celebrated. Renewed.

Come to reconnect to yourself.
Come to fill your feminine energy flow.
Come to express yourself as a woman.
Come to shed layers that are holding you back.
Come to release what is no longer needed.
Come to reconnect to your own inner voice.
Come to reclaim your laughter and tears.
Come to nourish your feeling body.
Come to connect to your deep inner womanly wisdom.
Come to let your voice be heard.
Come to let your heart be felt.
Come to nurture and nourish your feminine body and soul.
Come to grow, connect, heal and explore within a supportive and loving circle of women in safe and sacred space.

This immersion day of sacred woman time is balanced by combining a feminine morning 'yang' practice with the afternoon 'yin' practice and includes: 

Morning Feminine Yang 'releasing' practices...
♥ Connecting to the sisterhood through Sacred Talking Circle.
♥ Emotional embodiment, recognition and release through a guided Movement, Breath and Dance Journey.
♥ Cleansing and Feminine energy supporting herbal tea and homemade whole food treats
Connection to joy, childlike playfulness and emotional releasing through Laughter Yoga.

♥ Nourish your body with a delicious, fresh and healthy lunch spread designed to nurture you and allow you to feel into and choose which foods are right for your body and will help you feel fresh and nourished.

Afternoon Feminine Yin 'restorative' practices...
♥ Connect to your inner universe of creativity and inner womanly wisdom through a creative art expression.
♥ Experience the healing power of intuitive feminine flow from within by giving and receiving a transmission of feminine energy exchange to fill your heart and energy tanks with love.♥ Drop into a space of deep rest in a guided full body relaxation.
♥ And let your feminine soul tank be filled with a Sacred Sound and Drum Journey featuring Kathy's Wild Woman Dreaming Medicine Drum and her sacred sound singing.
♥ And closing circle.

This women's retreat day is an immersion day of nurturing for YOU and your body, heart and soul as a woman so that you walk out full to overflowing. AND it will also empower you with a variety of tools and processes you can use in your daily life to continue nurturing yourself once the day is over.

This women's retreat day caters to all levels. You will be tenderly guided along the way through the whole process. Open to women of all ages and stages of life. 

Limited to a maximum of 16
 attendees. As limited number of spaces available payment is required to book your space.

Look forward to sharing in sacred space with whichever sisters feel the call to come ♥

{Currently 16 spaces available.}
*Availability is updated as each booking is received.



Saturday 4th November, 2023
9.30am til 4.30pm

Machans Beach Community Hall
82 Tucker Street, Machans Beach.
Cairns, QLD, Australia.

Bottle of water, towel & sarong. 
Cushion & 2 pillows (or yoga bolster).
Yoga mat (or alternative mat or extra blanket to lay on).
Optional Blanket.

Wear clothes that make you feel nice and that are comfortable for you to dance, sit and lay in. Layers recommended.

Optional: One token item you feel to bring to put on the alter. Whatever your heart calls to you. Nature items are perfect. For example, a crystal, feather, rock, flower, small feminine form clay sculpture.

Early Bird Woman Price (before 21 October)... 

New Woman $188/ Returning Woman $165


Owl Woman Price (from 22nd October onwards)...

New Woman $220/ Returning Woman $188.

Herbal teas, treats and a delicious fresh lunch INCLUDED in this retreat day.



Payment is required to secure your booking. 

Please use the PayPal 'BUY NOW' buttons on this page to book your place. *If you are viewing this on a phone scroll to the 'bottom' of this page. If you are viewing on a computer buttons at the upper right of this page.

OR if the PayPal buttons are not working go to PayPal and request to make a payment to

OR TO PAY VIA DIRECT DEPOSIT make payment to....

Account Name: Katherine Popplewell

BSB: 484 799

Account Number: 6068 70600

Please use your name as the description and email or text me on

0457 154 457 to let me know you have made payment once transfer is complete

Cancelation Policy
Cancelations within 48 hours of event are non-refundable, however a credit will be given (minus the $50 deposit) towards a future event/training/circle or a private wild woman dreaming session. 

What other FNQ women have said about Kathy's retreat day's

“Kathy, entering into the space today had me surrendering and being open to your guidance. I found the practice of dance such a wonderful expression for me, I love to move, and the gentle words you embalmed us with, gave us cues to reach deeper into ourselves. I felt freed of all inhibitions, safe and loved.

Tears came freely and without judgment. I felt like I was acknowledging all these deeper hues of myself that so often get suppressed through day to day life.My aim for coming here today was to find peace and wholeness within and I most definitely did become that by the end.

The food you provided was both delicious and nourishing, just like the the space you hold. Your voice is that of an ancient, American Indian woman, with many stories to tell and much wisdom to give. Your sound reverberated across the room, up into my body and will no doubt ripple into my life.

Ever so grateful for this opportunity. I truly believe it is a missing component in our society, that more women should experience the accepting of their whole selves and for others to bare witness to this unfolding. Magic.”

Jolene Reyes-Collyer

"Kathy’s day retreat was so healing and nurturing and fun. I received many realisations and messages, and felt so safe and supported by the other women there. Kathy is an amazing facilitator, finding such a nice balance between guidance and organic unfolding of the magic she weaves. If you feel like you need to shift something in your life, like you need to be truly heard or just like being amongst a group of beautiful women and expressing and honoring your feminine nature, then please join one of her events."

Ella Shannon Rusch

"Cairns women, do yourself a favour and make some time to nourish yourself! I've been to one of Kathy's sacred circles and her women's retreat day and have benefited so much from each. Go on, nourish your soul, you know you want to!"

Nachelle Stokes

To see PHOTOS from sacred woman time events and READ more testimonials visit

To see full CALENDAR of upcoming sacred woman time events with Kathy visit

About Kathy Popplewell

Nature lover, dancer, writer, facilitator, women's sacred space holder, creative goddess, gardener and wild woman dreaming medicine woman.

Kathy is an experienced mind-body and fitness professional with over 15 years experience in the mind-body and fitness industries and in facilitating sacred women's circles. She is a qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Sacred Women's Space Facilitator.

Throughout her career as well as teaching her popular yoga classes at multiple Fitness First health and fitness clubs in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and CBD and Elixr mindbody health centre in Bondi Junction, she has regularly presented to fellow industry professionals at Filex, Australia's cutting edge International Fitness Convention, been a popular presenter at Being Woman Festival, Evolve Yoga and Wellbeing Festival and Peats Ridge Festival; toured the east coast of Australia with her Vibrance Laughter Tours and run her 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leadership Trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Port Macquarie, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In 2010 & 2011 Kathy ran her Celebrating Womanhood Conference in the Gold Coast which attracted women from all over Australia.

Kathy has also been hired as a professional speaker by corporations including ADSSI, The Benevolent Society, Carers NSW, Crunch Female Fitness, Families NSW, Homecare, Housing NSW, Mission Australia and New Horizons to present on Laughter, Relaxation and Workplace Wellbeing for staff members.

Her articles on health and fitness have also been published in Fitness First Magazine and in the Australian Fitness Network's industry publication, Network Magazine.

Originally from the Central Coast NSW, Kathy made her way up to far north in 2012 on her 'loving life' tour around Australia however she never made it past the Daintree Rainforest where she fell in love. Going against all her logical instincts and following her soul guidance she came to live on a remote and isolated off grid property on the never never furthest reaches of the Daintree Rainforest which is only accessable by 4wd where she has been on an extended vision n soul quest since (in between visits back to her original hometown on the Central Coast of NSW visiting friends and rounds of caring for her parents), living back to basics and connecting with her inner medicine woman on the land, on country and in the jungles of the rainforest. 


New Woman Early Bird
Women's Retreat Day - Cairns. $188

Give praise to water - Kathy Popplewell

Saturday 4 Nov 2023


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Returning Woman Early Bird
Women's Retreat Day - Cairns. $165.

Give praise to water - Kathy Popplewell

Saturday 4 Nov 2023.


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