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New things are brewing and about to take flight!

The latest new things I'm adding to my women's wellbeing mix.

Let's be honest. The world has changed in the past two years. And as a result. Many of us have had to do some adjusting, assessing our values, how we live our lives, how we share our work or connect with community, what's important to us regarding family and living in integrity for us.

For me, that's taken me and my wee lass (she is three years old now!) back out living off grid and remote where we can grow food and have lots of space in nature to run around and explore in no matter what is unfolding in the world. That's important to me. That's important to us.

But I also miss being so in town and close to my community to share my passion of sacred woman time events with. Alas sharing the sacred space and being that channel at the moment would mean me needing to get care for my daughter and so I have been asking spirit for guidance on how can I be there for these precious early years but still share my passions and woman time with the world.

It's lead me to adding a new aspect to my mix that I feel I CAN do that fits in with our remote off grid life. And I feel it's going to give some momentum to the other things I feel called to share too.

Thus. I'm adding hair and skin care for women to my mix. And will be launching 'Woman Time Conversations' this month also as a way of adapting to and weaving a way into our lifestyle that both supports me and other women and gives us a chance to dive deep into sharing our stories as women (something I am soooo passionate about and LOVE ~ and miss from circle ~ but.... I feel this might be divinely intervened as we will be able to go deeper in these conversations and shares than in a circle space, and also reach a much larger audience).

In this video I share about why I've joined Monat (I'll be offering their amazing hair and skin care but also as a first thing just loving trying it all myself because it's something I've not done before and I'm really feeling it's time to do it for me), and I'll be sharing my journey along the way and sharing it with women who are interested.

Here is my why

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