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Allowing your Feminine power of Magnetism.

We as women have such a powerful force of creation that lays within us... We must remember, life is created and birthed within us and through us... The core of the feminine power is magnetism. The masculine is action. And yes we do all need to utilise both our feminine and masculine energy but many of us and our world has been running on the masculine energy of action and doing so much that we can easily become depleted as we are so out of balance. Is it time for you to slow down your exterior busyness and tuned into, empowered and poured some love into your inner magnetism? Just soften yourself so you can allow your feminine FLOW of energy, believe in you and your dreams, allow it to COME TO YOU... Instead of being a dam, it's time to be the river... Believe that as you allow the flow, it will start to trickle into a stream, and then a river and onto the ocean as it materializes into you life... In a natural, progressive and gentle process.... Allow it to flow sweet woman.... Your dreams.... Your desires.... Your energy.... Your creativity.... Your love.... Even your tasks that you complete each day.... See if you can allow your feminine flow to direct you from one to the next, to the next, like a river winding through the bends... Allow it to flow. And to manifest. And materialise. Believe in you. Stop the struggle. Allow the flow. With love from me to you...

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