In loving memory of Rex Popplewell


Saturday 14 August 2021 at Dragonfly Zen, Cairns City, QLD, Australia

Join us in a circle, ceremony and grieving space of sacred woman time space and exploring, talking, breathing, feeling, moving, honouring and sounding through our 'Shadowlands'.


The shadowy parts of life or experiences that are hard to talk about and allow space for.

The parts that are shunned, hidden, repressed. 

The not pretty, not popular or dis-owned parts.

The things you just don't talk about but that are eating into you.

The bits you feel like, or were told, you are suppose to have gotten over (but haven't).

Things like grief, anger, resentment, shame, guilt, pain.  The things that if left a long time, because we aren't suppose to feel them, or aren't allowed to feel them, or speak about them, or we don't know how to do it, or can't find a space safe to do it, can end up leaving us numb. Or going so deep into the body they turn into chronic illness (physical and/or mental).

This will be a sacred circle, ceremony and grieving space to tend to the vulnerable and tender ground of our inner shadowlands and to be with, and support being with and moving through these feelings with love, presence, compassion and tenderness. 

A time and sacred space to give acknowledgement, presence, compassion and feeling space to the feels we don't often have time and space to, to help them shift and move.

And to also be seen, heard and felt. To be witnessed. And to be a part of providing that space for others as well within a supported, safe and sacred circle of women. Coming together to both collectively and individually be and feel and share and process and grieve. And to be moved.

This space is not about 'solving' anything. No. Instead. This space is about allowing the space for feeling and honouring and mourning and speaking these shadowlands things. And allowing the process to take its natural course rather than damning it up.


For some. This process may be quite cathartic.

If you decide to come please do not place any expectations upon yourself (or others). Instead I encourage you to set the intention to simply allow yourself to be in this space and give honour to these feels whatever they may be for you (ALL IS VALID!). And let it be enough to simply make the time and space to pay homage and give respect to and be with this part of yourself. Let anything else that flows from the circle be a bonus.

Please do not plan anything too intense for yourself immediately after this event if choosing to attend. And if you can, you may like to schedule in some gentle time for yourself to rest, be quiet or be in nature after the circle.

* * *

This Far North QLD sacred woman's space event includes sharing circle, ceremony and grieving space (which may include guided movement, breath work shaking, vocalised sound releasing, percussion instruments and guided wild woman dreaming medicine woman sound and more).

It is recommended to be over 25 years of age to attend this event. 

If you feel like you need to check in before booking your place (for example if you are in acute grief or have other sensitivities) please call Kathy on 0457 154 457 for a confidential chat to help identify if this is would be a suitable and supportive space for the phase of grief or shadowlands you are in .

Alternatively, you may just see this event, read up on it, and know in your heart and soul instantly that you are a yes. If that's you I totally encourage you to trust your inner guidance and go ahead and book in.

**Open to a maximum of 12 women.

Currently 5 spaces available. {Availability updated with every booking.


Saturday 13 March 2021.

*Doors open at 1.15pm.

Please ensure you are on time as doors will lock at 11.10am. 

Dragonfly Zen,
Level 1, 142-144 Grafton Street
Cairns, QLD, Australia.

Bottle of water.

Dress in clothes you can comfortably move, sit, sway, rock and lay in. Loose fitting and layers recommended. You may like to wear dark colours that symbolise grieving and shadows.

Optional: If you have your own medicine drum, rattle, shakers or clapping sticks you will be welcome to bring them to this event if you like.


There are cushions at the venue however ~ if you have your own mat, blanket, cushion, sacred items you feel compelled to bring to set up your own sacred processing space you are most welcome to bring them.



New women: $50 Early Bird (by midnight Friday 5 March) OR $60 thereafter if spaces still available.

Returning women: $40 Early Bird (by midnight Friday 5 March) OR $50 thereafter if spaces still available.

*RETURNING WOMEN PRICE* is available to any women who have previously attended any womens circles, retreats, trainings or dance journeys with Kathy Popplewell.

As there is a limited number of spaces available payment required to secure your place.


*There are also March bundles available. Contact Kathy on 0457 154 457 if you want a package for any combo of our March offerings which include 'Wednesday morning dance', 'Shadowlands' & 'Kali Dance'.

Bookings & Payment


Currently 5 spaces available {availability updated with every booking}.

Payment is required to secure your booking.


For Direct Deposit make payment to:


Commonwealth Bank

Account Name: Miss K A Popplewell

BSB: 06 2668

Acc No: 1009 3569


*Please use your name as the description.


And private message on messenger or text 0457 154 457 to let me know you have completed payment.


For PayPal payment use Buy Now buttons on this page.

Cancelation Policy
Cancelations within 48 hours of event are non-refundable.


Kathy 0457 154 457. 

About Kathy Popplewell
Kathy Popplewell is an experienced mind-body & fitness professional with over 15 years experience in the mind-body and fitness industries and in facilitating sacred women's spaces, circles and dance journeys. She is a qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher. She has also lived on country in the furthest remote reaches of the Daintree Rainforest.

Throughout her career as well as teaching her popular yoga classes at multiple Fitness First health and fitness clubs in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and CBD and Elixr mindbody health centre in Bondi Junction, she has regularly presented to fellow industry professionals at Filex, Australia's cutting edge International Fitness Convention, been a popular presenter at Being Woman Festival, Evolve Yoga and Wellbeing Festival and Peats Ridge Festival; toured the east coast of Australia with her Vibrance Laughter Tours and run her 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leadership Trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Port Macquarie, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In 2010 & 2011 Kathy ran her Celebrating Womanhood Conference in the Gold Coast, Australia and in 2011 she also ran her Laughter, Health & Loving Life Conference.

Kathy has also been hired as a professional speaker by corporations including ADSSI, The Benevolent Society, Carers NSW, Crunch Female Fitness, Families NSW, Homecare, Housing NSW, Mission Australia and New Horizons to present on Laughter, Relaxation and Workplace Wellbeing for staff members.

Her articles on health and fitness have also been published in Fitness First Magazine and in the Australian Fitness Network's industry publication, Network Magazine.

Originally from the Central Coast NSW, Kathy made her way up to far north in 2012 on her 'loving life' tour around Australia however she never made it past the Daintree Rainforest where she fell in love with the land and rainforest. Going against all her logical insticts and following her soul guidance she came to live on a remote and isolated off grid property on the never never furthest reaches of the Daintree Rainforest which is only accessable by 4wd where she has had an extended vision n soul quest which lasted several years (in between visits back to her original hometown on the Central Coast of NSW visiting friends and rounds of caring for her parents), living back to basics and connecting with her inner medicine woman on the land, on country and in the jungles of the rainforest.

And now her latest new journey is all that comes with becoming a mother to her baby girl Lilly Star.

Nurturing her tender Daintree Love dream seeds into little seedlings which are now getting their roots down she shares her wild woman dreaming medicine woman offerings in Cairns, QLD and down on the Central Coast of NSW whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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Through the Waters of Sorrow with Kathy

Early Bird New Woman. $50
 Death Stories.
August 2021 Cairns.

Through the Waters of Sorrow with Kathy

Early Bird Returning Woman. $40
Death Stories
August 2021 Cairns.

Am I eligible for the

Returning Woman Price?


This special price is available to any women who have previously attended any women's circles, retreats, dance journeys or trainings with Kathy Popplewell previously in encouragement and gratitude for your continued investment and nurturing into your journey as a woman.

If it's your first time to join one of Kathy's events the New Woman price is for you. And then the next time you come you will be eligible to attend at the Returning Woman Price.


As there is a limited number of spaces available payment required to secure your place.