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Through the Waters of Sorrow... Dance Journey..

For grief and sorrow is

also an expression

of deep, deep, love.

A evening in sharing in 

sacred space for sorrow

with Kathy Popplewell.

Friday 17 Nov 2017. 6.30pm-9.30pm. Bamboo Buddha, Holgate, NSW.

​A guided dance journey and sacred circle for women. Sharing in creating a sacred space for the exploration, connecting to and releasing of sorrow through talking circle, movement, breath, sound and dance in the Red Tent with Wild Woman Dreaming Medicine Woman Kathy Popplewell.  


For grief, sorrow and loss are also an expression of deep, deep, love. And has the capacity once acknowledged and honoured to expand us deeper into love and life.


However being alone in ones sorrow without safe places to explore or express it or talk about it or hear others journeys with grief can make it not only extremely lonely and isolating. But also push it deeper into our bodies. Where it becomes hard, compressed and frozen and you may feel like you have lost your feeling for life, or it may be so jammed up inside that it's like a ticking time bomb about to explode (physically, emotionally or into a dis-ease).

This takes a massive toll not only on ourselves but also on our loved ones and our community. 

Grief, loss is something that will effect us all at some point in our lifetimes. However in our modern day, emotionally repressed, sophisticated society, there tends to be not many safe spaces where we are allowed to talk about, express, be in, feel and explore our feelings of grief, sorrow, loss and love.


This guided dance journey and sacred circle is a space to support the journey of that. No matter where on your journey of grief and sorrow you are, you are welcome to this space. There is no sorrow too big or too small to feel, to share, to acknowledge, to honour, to journey through the waters of sorrow with.


There is no right or wrong sorrow. All of it is sacred. All of it has wisdom and gifts in it. The whole of you is worthy. Some of the sorrow you feel and you know you need to transmute, may not even be yours. It may have been passed down from past generations, it may be from the world, from nature, from close family or friends, or from losses and sorrows within yourself. Again. All is welcome to this space.


Bring it to be spoken, to be danced, to be breathed, to be moved, to be sung, to be honoured, to be acknowledged, to be felt, and to be placed back into the ever flowing feeling waters of the ever evolving feminine heart and soul.

Space for up to a maximum of 16 women to join me in this beautiful evening of sharing in circle through the sacred waters of sorrow.

As limited number of spaces available payment is required to book your space. Please note this is a woman only sacred circle. 

Open to women of all ages and stages of life 18 years and over.

**Currently 8 spaces available. {Please note availability is updated with each booking}.*

Friday 17 Nov, 2017.

Doors open at 6.30pm.
Dance Journey & Circle 7pm - 9.30pm

*A note on time. As we enter into the feminine field of energy we also enter a different dimension of time. For this purpose if you can please allow yourself at least an extra half an hour for finishing as we often go about half an hour over however if you do need to depart the space right on the scheduled time please let me know prior to the event or as you arrive on the night so I can ensure we are set up for you to do so.

Bamboo Buddha (in the workshop space)
221 Wattle Tree Road, Holgate. Central Coast, NSW.

Bottle of water, mat to lay on, cushion & sarong or large scarf to dance with.


Optional: bring an piece of nature (ie. pebble, crystal, feather, rock, small clay sculpture etc) that you would like to use as your grief medicine totem item.

Dress: As a goddess. Wear clothes you will be comfortable to sit, move, dance and lay in. Layers recommended (perhaps something flowing if that calls to you).

New women: $40 Early Birds til midnight 15th Nov OR $50 on the door if space still available.

Returning women: $35 Early Birds til midnight 15th Nov OR $40 on the door if space available.

*RETURNING WOMEN PRICE* is available to any women who have previously attended any red tent sacred circles, women's retreats or guided dance journeys with Kathy Popplewell.

As there is a limited number of spaces available payment required to secure your place.

Bookings & Payment
Payment is required to secure your booking.

For Direct Deposit make payment to:
Commonwealth Bank

Account Name: Miss K A Popplewell
BSB: 06 2668
Acc No: 1009 3569

*Please use your name as the description. And private message, email or text 0457 154 457 to let me know you have completed payment (please note I will NOT have mobile reception until Tues 7th Nov).

For PayPal payment use Buy Now buttons on this page.

Cancelation Policy
Cancelations within 48 hours of event are non-refundable, however you can choose to either pay it forward towards another sister who cannot afford to come or a credit can be given to you that you can use towards a future woman time retreat, training or one-on-one wild woman dreaming session with Kathy.

Kathy's Online Red Tent Space


To join Kathy's FREE Online Circle for Women subscribe here.

About Kathy Popplewell
Nature lover, dancer, writer, facilitator, women's sacred space holder, creative goddess, gardener and wild woman dreaming medicine woman.

An experienced mind-body and fitness professional with over ten years experience in the areas of mind body wellbeing, stress management, group facilitation and leadership, Kathy is a qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and is passionate about supporting, nurturing and creating spaces for women to heal and be nourished from the inside out.

Throughout her career as well as teaching her popular yoga classes at multiple Fitness First health and fitness clubs in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and CBD and Elixr mindbody health centre in Bondi Junction, she has regularly presented to fellow industry professionals at Filex, Australia's cutting edge International Fitness Convention, been a popular presenter at Being Woman Festival, Evolve Yoga and Wellbeing Festival and Peats Ridge Festival; toured the east coast of Australia with her Vibrance Laughter Tours and run her 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leadership Trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Port Macquarie, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In 2010 & 2011 Kathy ran her Celebrating Womanhood Conference in the Gold Coast which attracted women from all over Australia.

Kathy has also been hired as a professional speaker by corporations including ADSSI, The Benevolent Society, Carers NSW, Crunch Female Fitness, Families NSW, Homecare, Housing NSW, Mission Australia and New Horizons to present on Laughter, Relaxation and Workplace Wellbeing for staff members.

Her articles on health and fitness have also been published in Fitness First Magazine and in the Australian Fitness Network's industry publication, Network Magazine.

Originally from the Central Coast NSW, back in 2012 Kathy's spirit guides lead her on a journey that took her to be living on a remote property on the outskirts of the Daintree Rainforest which is only accessable by 4wd. Where she has been on a 4 year vision n soul quest, living back to basics and connecting with her inner medicine woman on the land, on country and in the jungles of the rainforest. Kathy now shares her sacred women's circles when she can in far north QLD and on the Central Coast of NSW when she is here spending time and helping to care and support her father and visit her mother. 

To read Kathy's full bio, blogs or to subscribe for her email updates and sharings please visit

Kathy Popplewell
Sacred Women's Space Sharer and
Wild Woman Dreaming Medicine Woman at
Daintree Love

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Friday 17 November

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Bamboo Buddha.

New Woman. $50. Through the

Waters of Sorrow. Central Coast, NSW.

Returning Woman. $40. Through the

Waters of Sorrow. Central Coast, NSW.

Friday 17 November

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Bamboo Buddha.

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Am I eligible for the

Returning Woman Price?


This special price is available to any women who have previously attended any red tent sacred circles, women's retreats or guided dance journeys with Kathy Popplewell previously in encouragement for your continued investment and nurturing into your journey as a woman.

If it's your first time to join one of Kathy's events the New Woman price is for you. And then the next time you come you will be eligible to attend at the Returning Woman Price.


As there is a limited number of spaces available payment required to secure your place.

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